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We use modern flexible methods to develop product vision together with our customers and scale them worldwide within the framework of an exclusively developed business model.


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Clear vision. Clean rooms.

Spanning 3,000 square meters, our controlled and qualified high-tech clean room accommodates various manufacturing technologies, including injection molding, assembly, and packaging. Certified in ISO classes 7 & 8 and meeting GMP Class C & D standards in Europe and North America, we ensure stringent cleanliness and safety protocols. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to our clients products and guarantee highest quality standards. The latest expansion at our headquarter in Ansbach shows our commitment to sustainability, by utilizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies to reduce our global footprint.

Injection Molding.

This can be realized in large-scale production with 400 injection molding machines up to 700kn. At 4 global production sites in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, we set highest standards in terms of product quality and operational excellence. This is ensured through comprehensive product and material testing and a skilled team of dedicated professionals.

OECHSLER has a proven track record of success. We've worked with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry, and we've helped them bring innovative products to market.

Matthias Weißkopf
Senior Vice President Global Product & Technology Development


With more than 50 years of process experience, our team develops the optimal and most efficient solution to transform individual components into functional products, be it a manual assembly for small series or a fully automated process for large-scale production. We are not simply a workbench - we are your turnkey manufacturing partner.

Inhouse Tool Shop.

The right tools are inevitable to produce precise high-quality parts. We are a turnkey injection molding partner and therefore established tooling as part of our DNA. The bundling of our construction technologies combined with state-of-the-art automation and digitalization sets standards for high-quality tools used in small or large series production for healthcare applications.

You have clear visions – we have the right tools to
turn them into reality. Here you are. Here we are.

Research & Development.

OECHSLER is offering comprehensive simulation and mechanical development services for our clients. We are using various simulation tools during product development, ranging from individual component analyses using FEM to dynamic multi-body simulations. To ensure highest quality standards in development we implemented highly advanced Design Review Standards with regards to the Stage Gate Process. Furthermore, the design team is working with the latest tools and methods such as D-FMEA, 3D-CAD, analytical and numerical calculation to develop innovative and robust products cost-efficiently within short lead times.

Additive Manufacturing.

As a full-service partner for our customers and as experts for industry-specific product requirements we offer - thanks to our versatile printer fleet in small and large series - rapid prototyping solutions, design freedom and customized production processes. With 120 printer globally, we provide powder and liquid based production technology fleet at scale, fully flexible while meeting the highest manufacturing standards.

Our global manufacturing network.

Our production network with four sites in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region offers unique advantages to our healthcare clients. From local production to supply chain redundancy and optimization, we offer production capacity certified according ISO classes 7 & 8 and GMP Class C & D.

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