OECHSLERhealth Joins BVMed Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V.

OECHSLERhealth has recently become a member of BVMed, a trade association that represents the interests of roughly 310 German and international manufacturers and suppliers in the medical technology sector, as well as providers of medical aids and homecare providers. BVMed actively participates in shaping laws, guidelines, regulations, and standards and engages in informative public relations work to advocate for the medtech industry to politicians and the public.

BVMed: A Strong Partner for OECHSLERhealth

By being a member of BVMed, OECHSLERhealth has access to valuable resources and insights that can help the company to better serve its clients and provide them with high-quality medical devices. With over 80 working committees, members can participate in constructive discussions and establish productive partnerships. Additionally, OECHSLERhealth wants to show its commitment to clients to following all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines in the industry, as advocated by BVMed.

BVMed is a powerful advocate for the medtech sector, representing its interests in discussions with political figures at the EU, federal, and state levels. The trade association works closely with other health policy influencers and organizations, such as the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds and the Federal Joint Committee. Through these interactions, BVMed aims to shape policies and regulations that impact the healthcare environment and our industry. By working together, OECHSLERhealth and BVMed are committed to improving patient care and advancing the medtech industry. Clients of OECHSLERhealth can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality products and services, backed by a strong and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in healthcare.

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