OECHSLER significantly expands worldwide production capacities for medical products

Global Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity

  • Polymer technology specialist invests an amount in the mid single-digit million range in global expansion of its cleanroom facilities
  • Starting point for a comprehensive growth offensive in its healthcare business to exceed the sales threshold of 100 million euros
  • OECHSLER has more than 30 years of experience in medical technology and offers a broad technology portfolio

Ansbach, Germany, December 06, 2022 --- OECHSLER AG ("OECHSLER"), a leading polymer technology group with a global presence and headquarters in Ansbach, is significantly expanding its worldwide production capacities for medical products. Over the next two years, the polymer technology specialist will be investing an amount in the mid-single-digit million euro range in the global expansion of new cleanroom space in ISO Class 7 and 8, respectively GMP Class C & D. At its headquarters in Ansbach alone, OECHSLER will be increasing cleanroom capacity by 50 percent by the spring of next year -- part of which will be in ISO 7. Additional cleanroom capacity at its sites in Mexico and Romania will be added over the next few years.

The company is thus launching a  large-scale growth offensive to expand its customer and product portfolio, given the rising demand in the medical technology sector. By 2028, OECHSLER aims to exceed the threshold of 100 million euros sales in its medical products business. Here, the technology company sees significant growth potential particularly in drug delivery systems and diagnostics product categories.

Full-service provider with a high level of industrialization expertise and innovative strength    

Partnerships are an essential part of the growth strategy. Already since the middle of the year, the polymer technology specialist has been working with new customers. OECHSLER supports its customers throughout the entire product development process, from concept development to successful market launch and series production. One of these new customers is the Munich-based medical technology start-up Pulmotree. Together, the partners are developing a new generation of smart, portable inhalers. Here, OECHSLER supports the design of the modern medical device in line with series production.

OECHSLER has extensive experience in the manufacture of medical technology products. For over 30 years, the company has been producing inhalers, blood glucose meters, pipettes, and catheters for numerous renowned pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In particular, the high standards of quality and precision and the company's international presence are decisive for this long-standing success. The polymer technology specialist has consistently internationalized its production network over the past decades and has sites in China, Vietnam, Germany, Romania and Mexico. Another relevant success factor is OECHSLER's broad technology portfolio, which ranges from polymer, metal, and ceramic injection molding to additive manufacturing and creating complex assemblies made of polymers and electronic components.

Global demand for medical products continues to increase significantly

The global healthcare market, worth more than one trillion euros, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The trend is toward home treatment; people want to be able to carry out medically necessary treatments as individually and independently as possible. In the inhaler category alone, market research institutes forecast an average annual growth of 7 percent until 2030. For blood glucose meters, the expected annual growth is even 11 percent. Worldwide, about 500 million people already suffer from diabetes, and the trend is rising.

Dr. Claudius M. Kozlik, CEO of OECHSLER, underlined the increasing importance of the healthcare business for the company: "Our technology portfolio as a full-service provider and our international production sites enable us to offer our customers customized manufacturing solutions for high-quality medical devices -- this is how we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in medical technology over more than three decades. We are building on this experience. Following the expansion and development of the Sporting Goods business unit and the growing importance of additive manufacturing, we are consistently continuing our company's growth course with the expansion of cleanroom capacities."

Felix Hess, Vice President of Sales Healthcare at OECHSLER, added: "The growing global market for medical devices offers great opportunities for OECHSLER. Our decades of experience in the market and our high standards of quality and precision are an excellent basis for participating in this growth. We are continuously optimizing our processes in order to efficiently support the global requirements of the industry as a strong partner, thus preparing our organization for the additional demand in the coming years."

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