Solar panel Inauguration in weissenburg

Weissenburg PV Plant spans an area of 1.6 hectares and covers 35-40 percent of OECHSLER's energy needs

OECHSLER, in alignment with the Paris Agreement's goals of limiting global temperature rise, made a resolute commitment to reduce direct CO2 emissions. In May 2023, the company achieved a significant milestone by establishing a new PV Plant in Weissenburg. This solar facility covers 35-40 percent of OECHSLER's energy needs, showcasing our dedication to sustainability.

With a multimillion-Euros investment, the PV Plant spans an impressive area of 1.6 hectares. It is projected to generate 2000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, equivalent to the power consumption of approximately 640 German two-person households. This substantial renewable energy capacity represents OECHSLER's commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

During the official commissioning ceremony, OECHSLER's COO, Christoph Faßhauer, was joined by Weißenburg's lord mayor, Jürgen Schröppel. Mayor Schröppel expressed gratitude for OECHSLER's long-standing commitment to the local community and lauded OECHSLER´s investment in advanced technologies and machinery. Additionally, COO Christoph Faßhauer revealed OECHSLER's dedication to a global sustainability program, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

This remarkable initiative by OECHSLER sets a precedent for sustainable practices within the industry, highlighting our efforts to reduce environmental impact and foster a greener future. Together with solar plants at its production sites in Mexico, China and Vietnam, OECHSLER makes an important contribution to the energy transition and achieves the next milestone for the global sustainability reporting.

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