Addressing Weaknesses in Respiratory Care

PULMOTREE and OECHSLER have brought the Kolibri nebulizer to life - a smart, sustainable, and safe medical inhaler

Improved therapy through technical progress - A success story

Kolibri's project aims to address the weaknesses in respiratory care in Germany, as 10% of the population suffers from respiratory diseases, including asthma and COPD.

The project targets challenges such as uncontrolled particle deposition, high risks in clinical development, patient acceptance and adherence. OECHSLER & PULMOTREE aim to develop innovative solutions to optimize drug delivery, mitigate risks, and enhance patient experiences. This project is a testimony to OECHSLER’s pioneering spirit and paves the way for a brighter future in respiratory health through advancements in drug delivery technology.

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We cooperate with OECHSLER in the field of design-for-manufacturing, development, production of small and large series tools, and assembly of components. In addition to high-quality requirements, PULMOTREE has the ambition to develop and produce all products regionally as far as possible and all this in partnership rather than in a classical client-supplier relationship.

Ulf Krueger

We are delighted to stand beside PULMOTREE throughout the journey of developing Kolibri nebulizer. Leveraging the perfect blend of polymer injection molding and additive manufacturing, our unwavering support spans from ideation to series production. Being an integral part of this pioneering lung drug delivery innovation fills us with immense pride.

Felix Hess
Vice President Sales Healthcare

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