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From Development to Realization: Your Manufacturing Partner for Surgical Devices with Expertise in Multidisciplinary Material Technologies

Our success lies in our unique ability to combine advanced manufacturing technologies such as ceramic and metal injection molding, injection molding and precision assembly. We combine a wide variety of technology processes to realize the individual needs of our healthcare customers and bring groundbreaking products to market with precision and excellence.

Christian Heckel
Senior Director Operations

Polymer Injection Molding

The OECHSLER Group, with 70+ years of expertise, offers top-tier polymer solutions for the medical industry. With 450+ presses ranging from micro molding cells to 550 tons, we ensure precision and product quality. Operating in ISO class 7 & 8 cleanrooms, we use electric injection molding machines to prevent contamination. Our in-house tool-shop enables us to design intricate molds for overmoldings and multi-component parts.

Powder Injection Molding

OECHSLERhealth revolutionizes industrial solutions with integrated powder injection molding technologies like metal or ceramic. Offering a wide range of production options ensures maximum competitiveness against milling or stamping. We achieve challenging tolerances and designs, even for small parts. Our innovative hybrid approach offers customers a one-stop-shop service.

Micro-Injection Molding

We specialize in crafting small and micro parts using a MicroPower micro-injection molding machine in our clean rooms. Our services range from basic small part manufacturing to intricate micro part production. The all-electric MicroPower is adaptable, supporting scalability from basic to complex parts, with technical specs like shot weight from 50mg to 4g, 15 tons clamping force, compact size, and energy-efficient operation. It supports a clean room of class 7 as per ISO 14644-1 standards, comparable to GMP C.

Crafting Small, High-Precision Parts

Additionally, OECHSLER is proficient in working with various materials. Ceramic and Metal Injection Molding (CIM/MIM) stand out as ideal methods for crafting small, high-precision parts. To maintain tolerances of 0.05 mm, it's crucial to design parts that ater to the unique characteristics of the MIM process from the outset. Precision can be further enhanced through machining, while wall thicknesses are determined by component dimensions and material selection. In certain regions, wall thicknesses can be reduced to as little as 0.1 mm.


We know that great success needs trusted partnerships. Therefore, we built up an international and qualified network of manufacturing partners. All of them understand the special needs of our customers and fulfill highest demands in terms of quality and certifications. We are aware that complex products mean high qualification and logistics efforts which we cover to make our customers safe their valuable resources.


With over 50 years of process expertise, our own automation engineering team excels in crafting taylor-made solutions to seamlessly transform individual components into fully operational products. As time is of essence we cover all connected processes like molding, packaging and quality control within our new cleanrooms. Whether your needs involve manual assembly for smaller quantities or automated processes for large-scale production, we have the proficiency to meet your requirements.


We want our customers to focus on the most important topic: patient’s health. Therefore, we may take over all manufacturing related topics, starting with multi-body simulations and rapid prototyping to envision first ideas over design for manufacturing and assembly and much more. With an over 100 people strong team of developers, we guarantee a highly efficient development process which considers all manufacturing relevant topics already from the beginning.

Build on trust

OECHSLERhealth: Your turnkey partner from the idea to global series production

  • 30 years of Healthcare experience
  • Clean Room ISO Class 7 & 8
  • Global production network in Europe, North America & China
  • 400 Injection Molding Machines and Inhouse Tool Shop

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Our Partners

Our Partnership

At OECHSLERhealth, our approach involves blending startup agility with 30 years of experience to establish a partnership that starts even before the initial planning stages. We establish precise objectives, adjust our tactics accordingly, and meticulously plan for the road ahead. By collaborating, we will tackle obstacles, remaining adaptable and committed to innovation. Your objective becomes our mission – let's accomplish it together.

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